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Why is Floyd Mayweather avoiding Amir Khan?

Floyd Mayweather vs Amir Khan is a fight all boxing fans from around the world would love to see but despite many pundits predicting a tough test for Mayweather, to most it is seen that he is ducking the fight.

After beating Manny Pacquiao many would like to see Mayweather be tested yet again against a quick and strong opponent which makes Khan the perfect fighter, however there are many factors that suggests we will not see this fight. 

Floyd Mayweather is just one win away from equalling Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record which is why he has chosen to fight Andre Berto who is a very respectable fighter with a record of 30-3 and an ex World Champion , however it is clear he is not on the same level as Amir Khan; this suggests that Mayweather may be protecting his remarkable unbeaten record and the chance of reaching 49-0, which he will achieve if he is able to beat Andre Berto. 

Secondly, there is the fact that Amir Khan is a naturally bigger and quicker fighter than Mayweather, so surely avoiding him is the clever thing to do? Although many would argue that the best pound for pound fighter has struggled to put in a truly convincing performance in some time so fighting Khan would be a fantastic opportunity to silence his critics. On the other hand fighting Khan could essentially ruin the reputation of Floyd Mayweather if he were to lose the fight. 

Another possible reason for Mayweather avoiding Khan could be his failure to knock his opponents out in recent fights, his last knock out came in 2011 in the fourth round against Victor Ortiz; since then Mayweather has struggled to find that killer punch to end the fight. This is interesting considering Amir Khan has only ever been stopped twice which could be putting Mayweather off of fighting the 28 year old, could Mayweather be doubting his ability to knock Khan out?

Khan has suggested he feels like he is “edging closer” to a fight with Mayweather, however his former trainer Freddie Roach said his performance against Chris Algieri will not earn him a fight with Floyd Mayweather; Roach also said the following to a small group of reporters “He makes fights boring, he holds too much and so forth, the referee is breaking them up every three minutes. His new strategy is to exchange and hold instead of exchange and get out of the pocket. I didn’t like his performance.”

Despite Freddie Roach’s criticism, Khan believes he is the man the end Mayweather’s unbeaten run and believes that Mayweather is scared of him. Khan believes that there is one reason Mayweather chose Berto over him. ” I really believe Mayweather thinks I will beat him, and he is definitely scared. That’s the reason this fight isn’t happening. I really know how to beat him.”

 There’s no doubt that Khan believes he has what it takes to defeat the greatest pound for pound fighter of his generation, although the chances of this fight happening is highly unlikely due to recent news reporting that Floyd Mayweather is retiring after his fight with Andre Berto according to Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe.

 Ellerbe released the following quotes:

“Here’s a guy who’s made well over a half-billion dollars, doing it his way, and he can ride off into the sunset after this.” 

“That’s a fact. This is Floyd’s last fight. I’m not trying to sell it that way. This is going to be his last fight. And the fans get a chance to see Floyd in a very, very exciting fight with a guy that we know is coming to fight.”

 Will Berto be Mayweather’s last fight? Or will Khan get his dream fight?

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