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Video Referees Ruining Spectacle

As the season progresses and we are seeing a high proportion of good exciting games, the one standout feature of each televised game is the amount of time we are forced to watch replay after replay as our so called professional referees are taking five six or even seven views of the same clip whilst the poor fan has usually got the answer wrapped up in a couple of views.

Has this made for a infallible system? I’m afraid not as we are left with baffling decisions even sky struggle to explain after 4 minutes of tedium. Surely to kill the excitement and flow of the game for this long is anti productive as players cool down fans at home make drinks etc we are edging nearer becoming a version of NFL,  all we need is for Sky to latch on to the idea of sponsoring video refs and they then will be able to subject us to a minute of adverts while decisions are being made! We will then be past the point of no return, TV games are already taking on average a extra seven minutes as opposed to non-televised games so we are on the way to NFL status.

Surely we can introduce a time limit or a maximum number of views and if a decision can’t be reached it goes back to the on field referees decision, maybe a time limit of a minute or three views just to keep the games flowing.

We can’t expect new fans to sit around four and five minutes every game watching clips when the actual product is so exciting so come on RFL let the game flow not the replays!

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