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WCPW – The Indie Wrestling Promotion on Track


Just this past week, the independent wrestling promotion, What Culture Pro Wrestling, or WCPW, held its first iPPV Refuse to Lose to what I can only say was a great success. In an era of stagnation for WWE, the refreshingly new promotion hosted in Newcastle what was a stellar iPPV.

With Wrestling Legends Kurt Angle and Bret Hart making appearances, as well as former WWE star Cody Rhodes and homegrown talents from the UK such as Joe Hendry and Martin Kirby on the card, it offered a new and alternative version to the WWE that pushes the same cards over and over.

For months now, WCPW has been building up to Refuse to Lose with anticipation to all that watch the indie wrestling promotion, and all of that wait sort of paid off. It provided stellar action over a wide array of matches, as well as some great comedy elements (from the likes of the Blampied and ‘Jack the Jobber’ segments) that we aren’t used to from big promotions like the WWE, but there were some bugs that i will get into later. To top off the first iPPV, they had WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross as part of the commentary team. Arguably the best pro wrestling commentator of all time was joined by Jim Cornette, coming all the way from the US.

Matches such as the ‘American Hero’ Kurt Angle vs the ‘Local Hero’ Joe Hendry, who won an Invitational Battle Royale, and the Triple Threat match for the newly former Internet Championship belt between Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio), El Ligero and Travis Banks and even Cody Rhodes vs Doug ‘Mr Brexit’ Williams, provided us with some great technical wrestling matches. Other matches on the card included Rampage vs WCPW regular Adam Blampied in a Street Fight and Suzuki vs Coffey for the Women’s Championship. There was no shortage in the quality on display in the iPPV. There were many other great matches on the card (including the WCPW Championship match) and each match offered us something unique and full of entertainment

From what I hear from others that tried to watch, there were a few technical hitches that did leave some with loss of video and audio, but for a first live-stream iPPV, you cannot expect it to go off without a hitches. Its not all going to run as smoothly as the big bucks of the WWE. But overall, I believe that the substance of the matches and the overall story-telling from WCPW left me wanting more at least and i cannot wait to tune in to some of their future iPPV’s (despite the glitches) and house shows, i’d highly recommend this indie promotion.

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