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Beginners Guide to Effective Cycling

Everyone begins at a particular point in his or her cycling career. Even professional world class cyclist started at a particular point. There are essential guide that provides a good base for beginners. Every beginner should be ready to learn these basic guides in order to effectively understand cycling. These guides include;

Effective setting of Saddles

It is vital to set your saddle height right. A saddle set too low or high creates an unconducive cycling environment hence difficult to train as a new beginner. Setting your saddle too high makes it difficult for you to reach the pedals. It therefore becomes quite difficult to pedals or else you keep moving your hips up and down to move. On the other hand, setting your saddle too high result to reduced muscular efficiency making you get tired very fast. You may also keep hitting the handles especially when navigating a corner. Therefore, ensure to eliminate all these challenges by setting your saddle height right.

How to Effectively Get Started

  1. You should begin by straddling the bike by placing your lead foot on the pedal. Steady the bikes as you gently squeeze the brake. Look behind you to ensure that nothing is coming before your start moving.
  2. Start moving by releasing the brakes as you push down using your lead foot. Push the ground with your foot to give you the momentum to move. Make sure you hold the bars firms pointing the bike in front.
  3. Place both of your feet on the pedals and start pedaling. Move your bum towards the saddle and seat on it as the bike start moving. Make a couple of pedals to make the bike move faster.
  4. To stop, gently lower yourself on to the saddle. You should remain steady and looking forward. Many cyclist who look at the ground or the bars ends up falling.

Effective braking

Many new beginners are challenged by their bike’s brakes. Many cyclist also fear using the front brakes. However, front brakes are quite essential and reduce your stopping distance by almost 50 percent. Avoid squeezing your brakes at once, rather hold them gently as you approach your stopping point.

Use of Gear

Different types of bikes have different gears. It is important that you understand the type of gear your bike has. Then upon understanding them, learn how to adequately apply them. You should change your gears early. For instance, while climbing a hill, ensure to change your gears right at the bottom rather than at the middle.

These crucial guides will help you as a beginners effectively ride your bike and gain riding skills with ease. But never try to start without a safety bike helmet either you are a kid or an adult. You can buy cycling helmets online. It will be a better to use a full face mountain bike helmets for ultimate safety. Here we have a huge collection of stylish helmets for kids and adults both.

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