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Mayweather v Rousey

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For the past few years, the question is asked amongst UFC fans, would Ronda Rousey beat Floyd Mayweather in a fight? Many people have weighed in on this debate, and after Rousey’s threw some jabs at Mayweather by saying ‘I wonder how Floyd feels being beaten by a woman for once’ (referencing Mayweather’s history of Domestic Abuse towards women) at the ESPY Awards, the question is more prevalent than ever. There has been an ongoing war of words and tension between the fighters ever since Mayweather claimed not to know not only who Rousey was, but to mistake her gender when he clearly would have heard of this fighter rising the ranks of UFC.

I’m humoring myself here, as this fight will never happen, ever. It seems completely unrealistic to say that one day, Mayweather will find himself in the Octagon against Rousey, or that Rousey will step into the squared circle and box against Mayweather, but still, Mayweather v Rousey is a no brainer. As Dana White said ‘You take a street fight, and Ronda wins that fight and hurts him badly and Dana White couldn’t be more correct. Rousey is one of the best in the UFC, and you will be hard pressed to find a UFC commentator or analyser saying that she couldn’t hold her own against a male fighter.

There is no denying that both of them are tremendous fighters. But for me, any setting, and time, Rousey wins that fight. You don’t win both Female and Overall Fighter of the Year if you aren’t good at fighting. UFC is one of the most dangerous sports, and Rousey is at the top of her respected field of work. Sure Mayweather is an undefeated boxer, but if he came up against Ronda, there is no contest, the scorecards wont help him there.  She is the most dominant athlete alive [according to Business Insider] and in the past year, the average time it has taken her to beat an opponent has been 15 seconds.

Believe you me, I’m not saying that it will be an easy match for her. Mayweather is a talented boxer, and he is very technical boasting a 48-0-0 record. You don’t get a record like that from not putting up a fight or using your mind. Many people, including myself, would be intrigued to watch this fight unfold. Forget Mayweather v Pacquiao, this fight for me, would be billed as the ‘Fight of the Century’.

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