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The Sports Lowdown is a news and opinion site that relies on it’s writers to provide content for the site and we try to offer factual news and reliable opinion pieces that discuss the sports we cover. 

Sometimes our work may not be factually correct and we will do our best to rectify any information we receive that could be found to be incorrect. 

Should you wish for any content to be removed from the site for copyright purposes please contact [email protected] and we will work to rectify any problems that occur.

We also expect our writers work to be of their own hand but should you find any pieces that have been plagiarized or the source has not been quoted please contact us on the above email and again we will sort out any problems.

Likewise with any media images, we try to use images that have been deemed to be offered for free as our featured images and we use Getty Images for our article photos. However on occasions we may unknowingly place an image on our site that shouldn’t be. As with above please email us to rectify the situation.

Any further problems should be referred to the Chief Editor