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The Yankees need to change their batting order if they wish to go anywhere soon.

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In this recent season of Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees haven’t exactly been making waves in the American League, but they are only 0.5 games off of both the Orioles and the Tampa Bay Rays, so it isn’t all bad.

But when a team has the high standards that the Yankees have, a place in the playoffs is a must, and after last nights loss to the LA Angels, led by the outstanding Albert Pujols, it means that the Yankees have to muster up a victory from somewhere again this evening.

The Yankees may only be 0.5 games behind the Orioles and Rays, but the recent travels to Houston and Anaheim against the Astros and Angels have shown that the Yankees are some way behind catching the pennant any time soon. Take away the 9-6 victory against the Astros, and the Yankees batting order hasn’t been as prolific as it should be.

Take this into account; the Yankees batters have scored 6 runs in only 5 other games. With the exception of Brett Gardener, the legs of these batters aren’t strong enough, and now that Carlos Beltran is out with a broken rib cage, they have lost another vital hitter.

The Yankees seriously need to improve the age of their batting order, as the young and athletically advanced opposition who could run rings on the mounds of the Yankee hitters are developing and becoming a genuine threat. The Angels defense showed the Yankees what it’s like to have a powerful and youthful batting line up, along with a strong outfield and infield.

The Yankees bullpen, that still contains C.C Sabathia, isn’t as old as the batters, but it can still be seen as an area for improvement, as C.C Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka are still the highest earners, and Tanaka should be taking over as starter, yet they still need a good enough closer, since that gap still hasn’t really been filled since Mariano Rivera left.

So, if the Yankees expect to make it far, whether that’s to win the World Series, or just to reach the American League playoffs, there is a lot of improvements, mainly in the batting rotation, that they could make to make them the Yankees that everyone knows, and the majority of fans loved to hate. But you can thank one George Steinbrenner for that.

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