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5 Great WWE Summerslam Matches

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WWE Summerslam is nearly upon us and for some it marks the second most important pay-per-view of the wrestling calendar behind Wrestlemania, though for others the Royal Rumble takes that second place.

Nevertheless it is the showpiece event of the summer for the WWE and this year we are set to see the return of the Undertaker and many are hoping for an appearance from Sting to give this event it’s customary feel of grandeur.

That being said there has been some great Summerslam matches over the years and The Sports Lowdown’s editor Andy Moore takes a look at five of his favourite bouts.

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5. 1994 Summerslam – Bret Hart v Owen Hart 

The feud had been brewing for nearly a year after Owen was the only Hart family member eliminated in a Survivor Series bout in 1993 and despite a brief reconciliation up until the 1994 Royal Rumble, the brothers split with Owen as the heel, whilst Bret remained the face.

The feud resulted in a match at Wrestlemania 10 and it proved to be bittersweet for the younger sibling when he beat a shocked ‘Hitman’ cleanly in the ring before Bret won the WWE title later in the night against Yokozuna with a dismayed Owen looking on whilst Bret celebrated in the ring.

In the run up to the Summerslam bout, Owen had success of his own, helped by Bret’s former tag team partner in the Hart Foundation, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart, when he won the King of the Ring title and self proclaimed himself to be the King of Harts, despite opposition from the remaining members of the family who sided with Bret and accused Owen of bringing shame on the family name.

So the scene was set for Summerslam as Bret defended the WWE title in a cage match against his brother as two master technician’s in the ring, pulled off an epic clash. You’d expect nothing less from two of the most talented wrestlers of their generation and you won’t be disappointed here so sit back and take a look……..

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