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5 PDC players that should consider moving to the BDO

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With the advent of increased competition in the PDC, with more opportunities such as the youth tour and the development tour, it seems some of the old faces we know and love are finding it increasingly difficult to get into the major TV tournments with some even failing to make the World Championships.

Last week we brought you five players in the BDO that we’d love to see enter the PDC and onto our screen’s more than they currently are with just Lakeside getting any exposure on the box with the World Darts Trophy seemingly on the back burner.

Now we take a look at five players in the twilight of their career’s in the PDC who might benefit from a move to what is perceived as a lower standard of darts. Obviously some will detract from this we can understand why as we don’t see that much difference in the top end of the BDO and it may not be any easier over the divide.

1. Colin Lloyd

The former two-time major winner and former world number one has had a distinguished career in the PDC and was arguably at his peak in the mid-2000s where he would win both the World Grand Prix in Dublin in 2004, before a year later winning the World Matchplay in Blackpool. During this time, when the rankings were devised differently to what they are now, he found himself above the legendary Phil Taylor in the rankings.

After he reached his peak in the mid-2000s, Lloyd continued to be one of the mainstays of the latter rounds of PDC major tournaments but would never go onto replicate that success once again. With players continuing to cross the divide and youngsters entering the darting scene, Lloyd’s fall from grace began to happen.

Always capable of putting together a run of form, it finally deserted him over the last two seasons in the PDC and he failed to qualify for the 2015 World Championships and has seen his world ranking plummet to the edge of the world’s top 64 and he vowed to quit the game if his form didn’t improve.

Whilst we don’t want to see Lloyd exit the game, we’d much rather he took a step back and moved acrosss to the BDO for a couple of seasons. Most of the events are floor tournaments, something which helped him rise to the world number one position back in the mid-2000s and the standard of competition will be more helpful to a dart player of Lloyds ability. A run into Lakeside could do wonders for Jaws and he could then if he wished make a renewed effort in the PDC.

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