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MLB Roundup: Yankees win again and Greinke swaps ball for bat!

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The Phillies had no problem getting runs off of Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke the other day, and not many teams have had the authority to say that after Greinke had his worst start for three years. The only problem the Phillies had was getting Greinke out. Yes, Greinke was 3 for 3 on the plate. He gave up the same amount of runs in this game as he had done in his previous nine starts put together!

The Dodgers went on to win the game 10-8 and kept up the pace in the National League West.


Meanwhile, over in New York, Jacoby Ellsbury hit a tie breaking home run against his former Red Sox team to give the Yankees the victory against their archrivals the Boston Red Sox. In recent weeks, the Yankees have been improving their batting, with Alex Rodriguez hitting a few homers, and including a 21-5 victory over the Texas Rangers, and scoring nearly 50-plus runs in their recent victories. I would just like to point out that nearly a month ago, this writer said that to become real pennant challengers, the Yankees needed to improve their batting, and it looks like they have!


Recent Scores:


Dodgers 10-8 Phillies

Cardinals 3-0 Reds

Tigers 8-6 Royals

Brewers 10-1 Padres

Nationals 8-3 Diamondbacks

Yankees 2-1 Red Sox

Blue Jays 9-3 Twins

Braves 9-8 Marlins


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