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5 Wrestlers We Want Back in the WWE

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This year has been a big milestone for WWE, with Sting making waves throughout WWE and a massive shift more towards the WWE Network. We have seen many new superstars come through from the NXT development program including a new set of Diva ‘s aimed to revolutionise the Diva’s Division.

With all of this going on, there has been no shortage of legends or former employees coming back to take roles in the WWE, most recently with the Dudley Boys return.  After their amazing return against New Day, we asked ourselves, who else would we want to see in the WWE? Here are our Top 5…

5. Mickie James 

Currently signed to Global Force Wrestling (GFW) Mickie James took the diva’s division by storm back in her WWE days up until she was released in 2010. With the new revolution taking place in the Divas division, Mickie James will be right at home stood as a fan favourite alongside most likely Paige and her team.

It would be even better if WWE could get 3 high profile Divas back into WWE, one for each team to spice up the divas division which is already gaining wide attention and getting the WWE acclaim for how they have handled this transition. Just imagine the likes of James, Beth Phoenix and even the likes of Lita pairing up or facing off against this new blood. That would be a storyline worth adding to the current division.

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