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Sport Stars Who Are Fans Of Other Sports

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Most of the world’s most dedicated athletes are driven by their successes and are single minded in their passion for their chosen sports and can focus on little else. Whoever some stars do need to take their foot off the accelerator every once in a while and being a sports star, they are often fond of other sports.

Here our writer Ryan Caunt takes a look at six sports stars who are fond of other sports and have been known to dabble in a second sport.

Jose Mourinho – Tennis

Mourinho has stated many times that he is a big fan of tennis and was in the stands to watch Andy Murray win Wimbledon back in 2013. The Special One has also spoken about how he admires tennis players for being mentally strong and taking responsibility for their own performances, something he believes footballers should do more of. Mourinho even admitted that in his spare time he is just as likely to watch tennis as he is football.

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Usain Bolt – Football

The fastest man on Earth is well known for being a big football fan and supports Manchester United. Bolt has even hinted that he may be interested in pursuing a career as a professional footballer once his athletics career is over. The Jamaican almost line up for United in Rio Ferdinand’s testimonial, but later pulled out due to concerns he may get injured. It remains to be seen if Bolt is serious about his plans post-athletics, but given his star profile it would be no surprise to see a long queue of clubs willing to give him at least a trial.

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Wayne Rooney – Boxing

England’s leading scorer is a big boxing fan and has been seen at several big fights over the last few years. Rooney’s love of boxing almost resulted in him suffering a serious injury after a sparring match between himself and Phil Bardsley saw the England striker end up unconscious. Luckily for Rooney, he was able to play in Manchester United’s next match and he celebrated his next goals by punching the air before falling on his back, mimicking what had happened in his kitchen.

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