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Should Andy Murray miss the World Tour Finals?

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Andy Murray finds himself in a difficult predicament; does he miss the World Tour Finals to focus on there Davis Cup final or does he play and and risk being underprepared for the clay?

Had Great Britain been playing Argentina in the final, the matches would have been played in Britain meaning that the World Tour Finals would have been a great warm up, but due to the match against Belgium being played on clay, Murray will need more time to get adjusted to the conditions.


Over the last year, Murray has played in a lot more tournaments then most of his rivals, and this was evident in his loss to Kevin Anderson at the US Open, he simply had nothing left in the tank. This time last year, the Scot played in a lot of tournaments to try and get enough points to make the Tour Finals, and the impact of that resulted in a below par showing when it came to the Finals.

The gruelling tennis schedule makes it almost impossible for the top players to commit to the Davis Cup on a regular basis, and this year Murray has played a key role in getting Britain into the final. This could be the last time for a while that Murray commits to the Davis Cup as he will be focussed on further Grand Slam glory.

If Murray did decide to miss the Tour Finals he could potentially miss out on a whopping £1.3m prize money but this will not play any impact in Murray’s decision. He is desperate to lead Britain to glory and I think he should miss out on the Tour Finals and focus all how attentions on the Davis Cup Final.

Novak Djokovic led Serbia to David Cup glory in 2010, and this really was the springboard to a great 2011; he went on to win the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, and if Murray could do the same, he could go on to have great 2016. He always seems to raise his game when he represents Britain, and London 2012 Olympics was where Murray tasted his first major success. Winning the Olympics was the start of a great period in Murray’s career, he went on to the win the US Open shortly after and the following year he won Wimbledon.

Leading your country to glory is the dream of most sports men and women, and if Murray were to lead Britain to victory against Belgium it could lead to a great 2016 and maybe a Grand Slam or two.

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