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Has Arsene Wenger tarnished his own legacy?

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It seems that no matter how many seasons go by, Arsenal are always two or three players away from winning the Premier League. And it’s no different this season. Despite adding Petr Cech to the squad, Arsenal still need a back up defensive midfielder to support Francis Coquelin and a top class striker. Admittedly, signing a world class striker would have been difficult, however there are no excuses whatsoever for not signing a defensive midfielder. Victor Wanyama had come out and had stated that he wanted to leave Southampton, nonetheless Arsenal did not make any attempt to sign the player. Another example of Arsene Wenger’s stubbornness perhaps?

Arsenal are currently placed second two points behind Manchester City. After thrashing United 3-0 and with Chelsea struggling to pick up points, this could be a fantastic chance for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger to finally win the Premier League after 11 long years.

There are no excuses anymore. The Arsenal boss can no longer blame the stadium move or blame the lack of resources. They have had nine years to recover, so now is the time Arsene Wenger and his team need to step up and perform.

It is now down to Wenger to get it right tactically. If he believes this squad is more than good enough to win the title, then he needs to prove it.

The pressure is on the Frenchman to replicate the success he had in his first eight or so years at the club. Can Arsene Wenger save his legacy? Or will Arsenal fall short once again?




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