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The cost of relegation from the Premier League

The Premier League is every clubs ambition as it is one of the top leagues in the world. Being one of the top leagues in the world means that it is also rich and it is about to get even richer. A new multi Billion pound TV deal is about make each club £100 million richer each season. This means the cost of relegation is high.

What will this mean for clubs not in the Premier League next season?

For the clubs who are in the Championship and lower next season onward’s, it will mean that promotion will be hard to get and staying in the Premier League will be even harder. Some clubs will spend the money on their infrastructure, but for the teams who have up to date facilities, they will be able to spend the money on players.

This means that the clubs will be able to afford top players, which if they get relegated, they will be able to afford to keep in the Championship. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be hard for teams who will be promoted this season, but for teams who come up the following season, it will be. This means relegation this season could be the worst scenario for teams.

Who are facing a relegation scrap?

At the moment it seems like there is four teams who can go down. However there is also two other teams who are still in the scrap at the bottom.

Aston Villa

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Aston Villa’s season has gone from bad to even worse all season. They currently sit bottom with 16 points, 9 below Sunderland in 17th place. They have only managed 3 wins all season and they are currently in terrible form.Relegation this season is costly but it seems a reality for Villa as they would need a miracle to get out the bottom 3.


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They sit 19th but only 1 point below Sunderland in 17th. They have just got Rafa Benitez as their manager, and all the Geordies are saying that they will do what Leicester has done. But what Newcastle need is a motivator, Benitez is a good tactician, but not a good motivator. Also the players capability comes into question as the team is only as good as their players.


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They are 18th, but only on goal difference. They could easily slip back down to the Championship after winning the Play-offs in May. A leaky defense has cost them severely this year and that is the reason why they are in this position. They have crunch matches against Sunderland and Newcastle which will decide their fate.


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They currently sit outside of the relegation places, but only on goal difference. They could easily slip back into the relegation places should they slip up and Newcastle or Norwich capitalize on this slip up. They have the potential to survive and they have done it before, but it is a danger that is looming over their heads.


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Though they sit on 33 points and 8 points above the relegation places, this is only because of a run of good form. Should they fall off form, then they could find themselves back in the thick of it. They are far from safe however they are in a much more comfortable position than Sunderland, Norwich and Newcastle are sitting.

Crystal Palace

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Palace also sit with 33 points but above Swansea on Goal Difference. They haven’t won a match in their 12 Premier League matches and if this form continues they could find themselves in a relegation battle fairly quickly. They don’t have an easy last 9 matches with them having to play teams in the relegation scrap and teams who are looking for European places.

Any of these teams can stay in the Premier League. It looks like Aston Villa are down and I would say that Newcastle and Norwich will be the other two teams to go down. This is because they both lack the sting that they need to have to survive. I doesn’t matter which teams go down though, they will be missing out on a lot of money.


Newcastle Swansea City

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