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Would a third successive FA Cup win be enough to keep Arsene Wenger at Arsenal?

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The Premier League title looks as though it is out of reach for the Gunners. They sit eight points behind Leicester, who are beginning to look like potential champions with their convincing performances. Rightly so, Arsenal fans are frustrated and annoyed with their sides inability to see through a title challenge. However, their FA Cup hopes were kept alive with a 4-0 victory against Hull, but would the FA Cup be enough to save Arsene Wenger’s job?

Of course Arsene Wenger would not be forced out of the club by the board. Although the growing frustration amongst Arsenal fans could see Wenger step down as Arsenal manager. After the victory against Hull, a banner was displayed by a handful of fans that read ‘Arsene thanks for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye’. Although this banner could be seen as disrespectful, should Arsenal and Arsene Wenger acknowledge the fans unhappiness?

Wenger has suggested the negative atmosphere around the club created by the fans could impact his players performances. However, is this fair? For the extremely high ticket prices Arsenal fans pay, should they not have the right to express their feelings about their clubs underachievement? Especially when the same mistakes have been made for the past 12 years.

Mathematically, it is still possible for Arsenal to win the Premier League. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, it looks as though they will fall short once again, but the FA Cup is still a possibility.

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Wenger admitted that if he failed to win the FA Cup final back in 2014 he would have left the club. Two years later it looks as though he could be in a similar position, but even if he was to win the FA Cup for a third time in a row, would this be enough?

With his excuse of a lack of resources to compete with the big spenders out the window, how can he convince fans that he is the man to guide the club to success?

Admittedly, it doesn’t look hopeful for Arsene Wenger. If the inevitable happens and they fail to win the league, there will be a huge outcry from the fans for a change, and if the majority of fans turn on their manager, he may be left with no choice but to leave.

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