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Mercedes drivers “free to race”

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After many collisions and conflicts between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, the drivers and Mercedes have been in the spotlight. Fans eagerly await the next instalment in to Hamilton versus Rosberg saga.

Heading into Lewis’ home Grand Prix this weekend, the battle between the two drivers is ever present as Hamilton goes for his third consecutive British GP win.

The collision at the end of the Austrian Grand Prix cost Nico Rosberg a race win, as a result also costing Mercedes the extra points in the Constructors’ standings.

However, after a meeting today between the drivers and team leaders, Mercedes have announced that the drivers can remain free to race.

In a statement released on their website, the team said: “We believe this is the essence of Formula One, including between team-mates. As passionate racers, we want to see them racing, and so do the fans.”

Despite allowing them to race freely, the drivers have been warned that they must respect the values of the team.

Mercedes have lost 50 points towards the Constructors’ Championship in the last five races due to three collisions.

The drivers were also warned that the team may issue instructions to the drivers in order to save constructor points. Such as the instruction given to Rosberg at the Monaco Grand Prix to let Hamilton pass.

Team orders will be give as a “last resort” if the drivers do not follow the revised rules.

Mercedes lead the Constructors’ Championship with 295 points. 103 points ahead of second place Ferrari.

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