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Are Matt and Jeff Hardy Broken?

Embed from Getty Images   Since their ‘Delightful’ return at Wrestlemania, capturing gold along the way, the stand out question for the Hardy Boys is whether or not they remain ‘Broken Matt’ and ‘Brother Nero’, the characters that have revitalized their careers over the past year. The ‘Broken’ characters have become one ...

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Will Nottingham Forest Stave Off Relegation?

Embed from Getty Images   At the City Ground, Nottingham Forest have beaten Leeds, Newcastle, Huddersfield and Brighton. All these four clubs are in the top five of the Championship. In fact, the only teams in the top five they haven’t beaten at home is  Reading, and that is because ...

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Would a UK NFL Franchise work?

View image | gettyimages.com There are indications that a UK National American Football League would be a good idea and there is certainly a clamour for it amongst UK NFL fans who have supported the international series over the past few years and with rumours growing stronger each year,Elliott Smith ...

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Mayweather v Rousey

View image | gettyimages.com For the past few years, the question is asked amongst UFC fans, would Ronda Rousey beat Floyd Mayweather in a fight? Many people have weighed in on this debate, and after Rousey’s threw some jabs at Mayweather by saying ‘I wonder how Floyd feels being beaten ...

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