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Why Do Boxer’s Feel The Need For Comeback’s?

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Boxing, one of the most brutal sport’s know to man and yet for those that experience life inside the four corners of the ring, once they no longer are able to compete, the urge remains and sometimes the lure for one more adrenaline rush is enough to see once great legend’s tarnish the memories.

This week, boxing legend and promoter Oscar De La Hoya has indicated he could come out of retirement after seven years out of the ring, retiring after being beaten by Manny Pacquiao. De La Hoya told ESPN “The only reason I would come back is because I miss the competition of fighting the very best.”

And that right there is the crux of the answer, for some the buzz of the competition will be in the underbelly forever and for some it is not enough for it to stay retired.

For De La Hoya, despite remaining in the sport with his promotions company Goldon Boy Promotions, the thrill of entering the squared circle far outweighs being on the outside looking in, particularly for those who stay close to the ring such as De La Hoya.

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Much has been said about Ricky Hatton and his problems on his retirement, particularly with the demons inside his head that turned to alcohol and battling depression. Thankfully Hatton and his new promotions company has allowed him to come out the other side, however at the age of 36, there is still time for one of Britain’s best ever fighters to also contemplate a comeback.

For most one last swansong for Hatton would be welcomed, particularly by the casual boxing fans. But for those with a keener interest in the sport, time waits for nobody and one can only hope Hatton’s career as a promoter does enough to see the Stockport-born warrior have enough of a vested interest in the fight game.

There are those in the sport that do stay out of the fight game once they have retired. Lennox Lewis is an example of this and he rarely pops his head above the surface to talk about the sport. Joe Calzaghe is another one who has so far not contemplated a return to the ring despite having a few problems once his career as arguably Britain’s greatest ever boxer, finished. However just keep an eye out for his continued war of words with Carl Froch. Could this lead to Calzaghe giving it one last swansong or is he too smart for that?

You look back over the years and the trend started with George Foreman and his return to the ring after retirement and him subsequently becoming the heavyweight champion of the world again. Do the bright lights that the sport now finds itself under, almost force fighters to consider the buzz again?

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Another example in recent weeks is the old Benn/Eubank rivalry and whilst for boxing fans the thought is there once again and deep down we probably would like to see it again, however the reality is that, it will be a poor excuse of a fight with two ageing warriors with a grudge to settle. There is that slight chance it could work and be a success but if I were a TV company I wouldn’t be chucking my eggs into their basket.

It remains to be seen just whether De La Hoya and a return could work for the sport and we forget he is only 42 and there are others (Foreman) that have made it work later on in their careers but as a boxing fan, as much as the old guard got us into the fight game, it is the up and coming boxers like Frampton, Joshua and Fury that will excite the British public in particular, not a Benn/Eubank for certain.

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