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Undertaker returns but Battleground still disappointing.

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Thomas Scholes reviews the latest WWE pay-per-view as the run up to Summerslam is well underway and we see the return of the Dead Man for the first time in months. Find out how it all went down at The Sports Lowdown. Please follow us on Twitter by clicking on @TheSportLowdown for more WWE news and opinions.

I went into WWE Battleground not really expecting much, mainly just to pass things over until Summerslam next month. But I didn’t expect it to be as boring, and as frustrating as it was. Held in the Scottstrade Centre in St. Louis, the WWE was about to show us what they have in store for the next few weeks in the build up to Summerslam. These are my thoughts on the matches, and the Pay Per View itself.

Randy Orton Vs. Sheamus:

Continuing their never ending feud, Randy Orton and Sheamus faced off once more in a match that no one really had much want for. The crowd was behind Orton from the start, being a hometown star, but they were rather quiet for a large portion of this match. It started off with a brawl to the outside, with a couple of hits with each superstar on the barricade. It was a pretty uneventful match, but Sheamus hit the White Noise for a 2 count, whilst Orton delivered a superplex off the top rope, again only for 2.

More near falls from the Brogue Kick and Orton’s second rope DDT nearly wrapped up the match, but an RKO from out of nowhere won the contest for Orton. It’s good watching a sudden move out of nowhere, but when you’ve been beaten up for so long, you need to sell to injuries, not just forget them like they never happened. The victory probably doesn’t do much for Orton, but with Sheamus still the Money in the Bank holder, anything could happen at any time.

New Day Vs. Prime Time Players:

The New Day came out first, and did a great job getting some Heel heat from the crowd. The New Day are basically 3 versions of Bo Dallas (only problem the New Day have is that they don’t Bolieve). But the New Day were interrupted by the Prime Time Players, the Tag Team Champions, and the match then started with Kofi Kingston and Darren Young. Kofi and Big E work over Young with simple offensive, meaning the camera got bored and focused on Xavier Woods talking absolute rubbish. I saw on Twitter that people were praising Woods for his work, and it makes me think what the standard of annoying Heel managers are these days.

The whole match was building up towards a Titus O’Neil hot tag, and when that hot tag did arrive, it landed firmly in the hot section of the Attitude Era Podcast’s Nandos Hot Tag scale. O’Neil cleans house, and then hits a nasty looking Spine buster for the victory for the Prime Time Players.

Roman Reigns Vs. Bray Wyatt:

Okay, I will admit there was one question my mind going into this match. Why? I’m not quite sure why this match happened, and even a few hours later I am not sure. The WWE clearly has no idea what to do with either of these guys, as Wyatt hasn’t been the same since that feud with John Cena (which was over a year ago) and Roman Reigns was nearly pushed straight to the moon before it was his time, so the WWE don’t know what to do with either, so they put them against each other. The match wasn’t that great either, as it was just a simple brawling match, with no pace, and no fans caring about anything that was going on. If I’m being perfectly honest, my Network stream stopped working and I missed the rest of the match, but I heard that Luke Harper has reunited with Wyatt. Hopefully, this means that the Wyatt Family could be getting back together.

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