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Undertaker returns but Battleground still disappointing.

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Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte Vs. Brie Bella:

It was great to see the NXT women come up onto the main roster this past Monday, but unfortunately for them, the WWE has a track record of ruining talented women, and I cant help but think the same thing will happen here. It will be something like if they don’t go on Total Divas they wont get a push, which is stupid. Nevertheless, the match here tried to show off the talents of the new girl, but despite their best efforts the crowd just did not care one bit. For whatever reason the fans aren’t bothered about seeing new girls in the Divas division.

Banks and Charlotte showed they have more talent in a strand of hair than both the Bellas combined, and it was Charlotte who made Brie tap via the Figure 8, an inverted version of the Figure 4, made famous by her father Ric Flair.

Kevin Owens Vs. John Cena:

This match is probably what annoyed me the most about this Pay Per View. It was a great match, it really was, but like with the Divas, you have a feeling that WWE will mess up the superstar that is Kevin Owens by feeding him to John Cena. But lets talk about the match first.

It started as you’d expect with a split crowd, some chanting “Fight Owens Fight” others chanting “Lets Go Cena”. It was the perfect setting for the match, and Owens took control early on, but Cena hit his top rope leg drop of doom, but Owens fought back and countered with the 5 knuckle shuffle. Owens was in the ascendancy, hitting his cannonball into the corner, but only getting a 2. In hindsight, this match was very similar to the other 2 matches these guys have had, with the same moves, same close finishes, and relatively same everything. But one thing wasn’t the same, and that was the biggest problem. Cena made Owens tap.

John Cena made the next big thing in WWE tap, and for what? Because it’s John Cena and the WWE cant not have him win. Oh no, Cena has to look super strong, but they don’t realize that this is what is killing the young talent. Bray Wyatt still hasn’t recovered from his feud with Cena; I don’t even know where Rusev, and Owens is in danger of falling into the midcard abyss unless he takes the U.S Title at Summerslam. Anyway, lets just move on.

Main Event: Seth Rollins Vs. Brock Lesnar:

Probably the joint most anticipated match in the evening, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar would finally face off for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It was a match that everyone knew could be great and could be very tense, but immediately it started with Brock sending Rollins down to Suplex City, managing 7 in the first few minutes. Rollins was selling the Suplex’s like an absolute boss, and tried to run away like the Heel he is, but Brock clean jumped over the barricade and dragged him back into the ring. Yes, Lesnar jumped the barricade just like it was a puddle. The man is an unreal athlete.

But Rollins tired to wear down Lesnar, kicking him in the head, the back of the leg and the knee before sending him to the outside. Rollins then managed to jump between the ropes to try and stun Lesnar, but it wasn’t working, Lesnar did what Lesnar did best and Suplexed him, before setting him up for the F5, when the lights cut out. The bell tolled and the lights came back on.

It was The Undertaker! The Undertake had returned to get his revenge on Lesnar for Lesnar beating him at Wrestlemania 30, nearly a year and a half ago. Initially, it was a great sight, but looking back, I don’t think I want that as a Summerslam match, I just want a real Rollins Vs. Lesnar title match!


Oh well, guess it’s The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar, again.
Overall Score: 6/10

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