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Why Leicester winning the Premier League will be good for English football

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This Premier League season has been mad. Title holders Chelsea are currently mid-table and look like they will end there, but the madness is at the top. Currently Leicester are at the top of the table and they are seven points off second and 13 off third. Tottenham Hotspur currently sit in 2nd with Arsenal in third. It looks like of the “Big Four” teams only two will sit in the top four at the end of the season, but if Man City aren’t careful, West Ham can slip into the top four and only Arsenal will remain in the Champions League out of the “Big Four” teams.

With this happening I have seen many articles which are saying that Leicester winning the Premier League would be bad for English football. There are many reasons why I disagree with these articles and think that Leicester winning the Premier League would be good.

It shows how competitive the Premier League is

What would you prefer as a neutral, a league which is decided in the last few games of the season or one that is decided with five or six games left? I know as a fan of a Championship team I would prefer to have a league that goes down to the wire. I know as a fan this is very nerve wrecking as this is the position my team is in, but it is miles more entertaining than one that has been decided mid-April.

The competitive nature has shown this year where it hasn’t in previous years. It shows that English football is good and we don’t have one or two good teams, we have many teams who are good. A big argument for those who say that don’t think it will be good for Leicester to win say that it shows that English football is bad.

It doesn’t as in other top European leagues you find that only one or two teams have a chance of winning the league. In Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid win the league with Athletico Madrid challenging sometimes. Currently in France, PSG sit 22 points top, where is the excitement in that? In Germany you find that Bayern Munich will win most the time and Borussia Dortmund will be near. The same happens in Italy as Juventus or one of the Milan teams will win. Do you want to be like these leagues where the same things happens every season? I would prefer irregularity.

Does this mean that English teams aren’t as good as other European teams? No it means that as a whole the league is better than say the La Liga of Spain. Take Real Sociedad who sit 11th in the table, they would probably be a low Premier League or high Championship team.

It shows that money isn’t everything

Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea all have teams that are worth a lot of money. Leicester don’t, yet they are better than these teams and it shows that you can be good without spending a lot of money on transfers.

Also it will give Leicester a chance to get experience in the Champions League as it seems that the Champions League was exclusive to teams like PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona and it will also mix things up as it seems every year the knockout rounds are competed by the same teams.

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